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Raw Revelation


2 Months


Get Raw & Wild while being Sober. Unravel your truest self-expression. Do You Dare to Try ? 

I'm guessing most of you reading this have at least once thought about if it were possible to reach these ecstatic moments of highness that you usually get through substances while being sober!? For a long time now I have been dreaming about a rave where everyone is sober but still has raw sex, is mindlessly dancing, has deep conversations & funny unpredictable moments that are based on desire & creative life force energy connected with your basic needs for food and water. You only follow what you really desire to do and say with an undertone of love, compassion & a thirst for being alive.

Through becoming a love, sex & relationship coach I have learned tools that have helped me experience natural highs with no side effects. Fucking amazing! Through my practices & tools I have created a life for myself where I love to be sober and I don't feel like I need to run away from my life by staying high on drugs for days on. Don't get me wrong I still like to get high sometimes but I also now love to stay sober and don't mind to start my week on Monday morning anymore.

My goal with this course is to begin creating the basis that is needed to be able to experience my dream party with people that are ready for a new era of being alive. For people that thirst for more connection, love, understanding, peace, realness, honesty, bliss, ecstasy, joy and pleasure & are ready to finally allow themselves to be happy and not just pretend.

So in this 2 Month course we'll have:

  • 10-12 People so that we can really connect and get to know each other

  • Many practices that help you with safety, grounding & regulating your emotions

  • Sharing rounds

  • Truth speaking purges

  • Shadow work

  • Neo-tantric practices to connect with our pleasure & sensuality

  • A guided temple night

  • The last workshop will be a guided rave with us 10-12 p. where everyone will have a say on how they want it to play out.

    + I will work intuitively with the flow of the group so things may change and be added or left out.

Next to healing 1:1 with a coach, therapist or any other guide I can't stress enough how profoundly transformational it is to heal in a group:

  • being seen & heard by others heals deep interconnected wounds that deeply change you're habits in social groups

  • don't even need to tell you how helpful it can be to connect, share your stories & help each other out when you're struggling with your habits with substances

You will get out of this course:

  • how to set boundaries

  • how to emotionally take care of yourself in the phases that you‘re down

  • how to connect to yourself and trust your intuition

  • how to use pleasure to heal wounds

  • how to use your breath to get high


I am not a psychologist and I haven't done any further training regarding substance use yet. I have my life experience (read my about me on the home page) and my not to underestimate Vita Love, Sex & Relationship with a Tantric Approach certification. I am merely here to offer loving support and give you a kick start by activating your connection to your body through pleasure so that you can empower yourself to do what is necessary in your life. Maybe that is to be able to stop using so that you can get a spot at therapy & maybe that is starting your dream career or opening up to finding your dream partner/s.

If you have any of these psychological diagnoses: 

Bipolar, Schizophrenia, heavy depression, Ptsd  

then please let me know so that we can see if working together would truly serve you.

More Info about substance use:

You are allowed to keep using during the two months.

I only ask that you stop using 24h before each online & in person workshop. I therefor purposefully set the dates to Wednesday and Thursday ;)

You can also show up tired and down. I will always start the session with what is present and needed in the group. I really want this to be a space where all of you is welcome. Of coarse consensually & non-violent.

If you show up high I will have to ask you to leave in order to secure a safe healing space for the rest of the group.


October-November 2024

(More Details within the next months)


You can book here and alignment call to see if this course would be something for you. You can ask any questions and get to know me. The call is a must if you want to save your spot:

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