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Style & Concept 

For all my work I lay emphasis on safety & Consent. I use Inviting language & I support you to find your answers within by navigating with tools towards your absolute truth. Your body and inner wisdom know it best.


I customize to your deepest needs and desires. I hold a safe space for your experiences whatever they may be. I deeply listen to you. I understand and acknowledge you.  All that to help you find clarity and deep acceptance for all that is you.


This Concept comes from the VITA Method that studied in the Vita Love, Sex and Relationship Coaching Certification with a tantric approach by Layla Martin. It entails tools like intention, mindfulness, focus, breathwork, movement, communication, slowness & expression of Truth. The truth is you are a sexual being powerful beyond limits. You are innately free, deserving and worthy! Everything that you are is valid. There’s not really anything that you could do wrong. You are enough. You are whole. You are divine. Let this truth be the baseline for your unique expression of self in your sexuality. 

I will help you unravel this truth by shedding all the illusions of your sexual experiences ever being shameful, disconnected, lonely, embarrassing, wrong/bad and all of these deliciously painful cockblockers. At the end the only thing that’s really left is Love, Love for it all.  


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