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Flirty Friday




Drop into your pleasure, be your own best lover, flirt first and foremost with yourself...

We're so happy to announce our new creation, a regular space for women to know their bodies, sensuality & sexuality...

Think yoga class, but more wild - centered on your pleasure (however that might look like in the given moment) to reconnect with your wholeness, your divinity 💐

As sex love relationship coaches certified at the Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality, we have personally discovered 2 And have been enjoying the ride since...

Reclaiming one's pleasure is a practice and usually doesn't happen overnight. That's why we created Flirty Fridays... for women to regularly drop into ritual space and their pleasure. Encouraged, celebrated and co-created by your sisters.

It's our joy, honor and pleasure to be guiding and witnessing you.

Where everything can be, nothing has to be - with the sole intention to connect to YOUR truth.

🔥Fridays 10am CET/5pm Bali time.


😋12 Euros/CHF🫠

Sign up via dm or join our telegram group* & we will send you the zoom link!

Please note: while this work can be healing, Flirty Fridays might not be the right space for people who've experienced major sexual trauma and have never worked on it with a therapist or coach before.

We're looking forward to welcoming you in ritual space!

With love,

Kasey, Tallulah & Rahel - sisters in crime & VITA™-certified sex love relationship coaches.

Find us on Instagram!@pleasure.unleashed @rahellandolt @the_napkid


Buy your ticket here and receive the Link to the Community Telegram Group:

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